Amusement Park or FEC

A mural makes for a very "different" theme park or FEC attraction.  Give your attendees a chance to paint or color on a huge scale, give them a sense of working on something together with their family and other attendees, and give them something where they can feel they "left their mark" at the end of the day.  Hundreds of people can paint/color every day, and you can simply hose it off at the end of the day.

Product Recommendations

Rigid Wipeable Plastic
Consider the Rigid Plastic if you have a wall to mount it on.  In a party room, you could mount it semi-permanently, or for several week special events you could mount it temporarily just for the event run.  The Rigid Plastic comes in 4' wide sections, which you screw-mount onto a wall.

Rollable Wipeable Plastic
Consider the Rollable Plastic only if you'd like a mural that's more maneuverable, and you'd like to use our stand to make it a free-standing activity.  The Rollable comes to you as one piece, with grommets. With the Rollable, the 4' wide print sections are essentially glued together, so it behaves more like a tarp. (Note that with the Rollable, you're trading off life span for ease of use---The Rigid Plastic will last longer.)

Table Size Coloring Sheets
Consider the Table Sheets for just about any of your special events and camp activities.  These are 7.5' x 2', paper, so they roll up easily for storage and roll out easily for quick set-up.

Thoughts on How to Use Them

As a Semi-Permanent Attraction

Mount one of our Rigid Wipeable Plastic murals on a wall and have Crayola Brand Washable Markers nearby for use. Hose it down at the end of the day, so you can start fresh again tomorrow. We can draw in rides, characters, your brand mascots... whatever you'd like to represent your park!

As a Temporary Seasonal Attraction

If you set up temporary seasonal areas for a few weeks---for July 4th, Halloween, Christmas, Spring Break---a mural is a great way to add an activity, as well as trumpet your theme. We can draw in your characters and brand mascots dressed for the occasion---with santa hats, halloween costumes, swim suits, etc.

With A Weekend Special Event

If you do short term special events---just a day, or a weekend---again a mural is a great way to add activities and trumpet your theme. We can draw in your characters and brand mascots dressed for the occasion---with santa hats, halloween costumes, swim suits, etc. With one or two day events, you may want to consider our Single-Use Tarps or Single Use Paper.

Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties, VIP Parties, Employee Parties, "Bring Kids To Work" Parties

Put a Wipeable Mural in a party area, and you have a nice wall decoration, as well as a very flexible activity. Use the mural for all your different events through the year. You could color on the mural as much or as little as you like, depending on the party schedule, weather, etc.

Or, if you have big "behind the scenes" parties---for VIP's, Employees, or "Bring Kids To Work" events, consider on of our Wall-Size Single-Use murals. We have Single Use Paper when you have a wall to put them on, or Single Use Tarps if you need a free-standing activity.

Also consider our Table Size Coloring Sheets, which are a smaller and more economical activity. These are 7.5'x2' heavy-duty paper, for use with crayons. They just lay out on a table with crayons, so they're easy to manage.

Do You Do Summer Camps?

One of our big Wall-Size murals can be a great long-term activity for your summer camps. You could use one of our big Single-Use Murals over the entire summer--perhaps designating sections of the mural for each week of camp to complete. Or consider a smaller Wipeable mural that you could wipe off and restart every few days.

We also have our Table Size Coloring Sheets, our most popular product for camps. These are smaller---about the size of 8' Rental Tables, relatively inexpensive, and easy to just throw out on a table at a moments notice.

Are you with an FEC?

Our Rigid Wipeable Plastic usually makes the most sense for FEC's. We have several sizes, but our smallest 8'x4' is usually a good size. These work with Crayola Brand Washable Markers, and wipe off with water and sponge. (If you need to avoid water hitting the ground, you can use a water spray bottle and sponge.)