Pro Sports Team

We've worked with several pro sports teams, and each has approached our murals in a different way. The Miami Dolphins have used our Wipeable Murals for their fan experiences before their games, and for several charity events around town. The Tampa Bay Rays put one of our Wipeable Murals right in the concourse, as an activity during the games. The Dayton Dragons (AAA Baseball) use our Wipeable Mural for special events in their children's activity area.

Product Recommendations

Rigid Wipeable Plastic
Consider the Rigid Plastic if you'd like to put the mural in a semi-permanent location, like the Rays did in their concourse, or you could put it in your kids activity area.  Remember, the Rigid Plastic needs a wall.

Rollable Wipeable Plastic
Consider a Rollable Plastic if you'd like to have a mural you can move around.  You could bring it outside your stadium for your fan experiences.  You could take it out to community events.  We have a portable Mural Stand to make it free-standing.

Thoughts on How to Use Them