A mural can be a great activity at your special events.  For your bigger community events, our big murals make for a great warm-and-fuzzy activity, and a great visual to reinforce your message and event theme.  For your smaller community events, our Table Size Coloring Sheets also offer a great activity at a lower price.  With both, we can customize your murals to match your theme and perhaps give you a hook to bring in another event sponsor!

Product Recommendations

Single-Use Paper
If you'd like our Wall-Size Mural, and you have a wall, fence, or side of a building, our Single Use Paper is our most economical option.  Note that the mural is printed in sections, so it comes to you in several pieces that you put together on your wall.  If you use crayons, you could move it easily after the event to display somewhere else.  (But if you use paint, the Paper is not as easy to take down and reassemble.)

Single-Use Tarp
If you'd like a Wall-Size Mural, but you need something free-standing, or you'd like a mural that's easier to move to another display location after the event, consider our Single-Use Tarp, paired with our rental stand.  The mural comes to you in one piece, grommeted like a regular banner, so it's easier to move to display afterwards.

Table-Size Coloring Sheets
Our Table Sheets are smaller and our most economical option.   Just put them out on 8' tables with crayons.  Lots of people can color at a time, and it takes a long time to finish them.  They're also great to hang after the event, or perhaps give to your event sponsors as a "Thank You" that they can hang in their store afterwards---sort of like refrigerator art for the event.

Thoughts on How to Use Them

A Mural for your Big Special Events

Consider our murals for your big special events. They're a great visual, and a great activity to get hundreds of people working together.

Many charity events have bought our murals, from large outdoor cancer-walk events to hospital foundation events held in high-end ballrooms. Sometimes we work directly with the event, but often there's been a Radio or TV Station involved, who funded the mural through gathering their own clients to sponsor a spot on the mural activity.

Get Your Mural Sponsored

Most of our Community Event clients fund their mural (and raise some funds for themselves) by securing a sponsor for the mural. This would work for charity events as well. We could put the sponsors logo into the mural design, and we could use a design to draw attention to the sponsor as well. For instance, Farmland Dairies sponsors the mural for Komen New York, so they've chosen a design featuring happy dairy cows on a farm.

Then after the event, the sponsor can proudly display the mural at their business, to let their customers and their employees know of their involvement in the community.

Have Your Attendees Write A Note

Get your attendees to write a note with our Signature-Message style murals. Everyone gets to share, and at the end of the day, you have a powerful visual statement of everyone's sentiment.