Murals in Line-Art Squares

With our "Murals In Little Squares", we print your mural design on the Single Use Paper, cut the whole mural into hundreds of little squares, and put peel-off backing adhesive on them. We provide an "Assembly Tarp", which has a line grid and numbering system so you know where to stick the squares.  This process works best with crayons.  (Paint is difficult, as the completed squares have to sit around for the paint to dry before you can mount them.)

Perfect if you:

  • Would like to 'build' a mural during the event
  • Want to divide up the mural for hundreds of separate participants
  • Want to distribute squares to people or groups before the event


Prices for Murals In Squares include Combine-and-Rearrange design customization---where you can chose characters and items from several different designs that we'll put together to make your design.  Headline text and full-color logo placement is included.

Program includes mural design, a complete "color dotting" so that all the squares have color dots of suggested colors, cutting into squares, peel-off adhesive backing. an Assembly Tarp, and shipping.

We can cut your mural into either 5.5"x5.5" or 7"x7" squares.  See note at right for how many squares you get with each.

  • 20'x6' Program: $1169
  • 12'x6' Paper: $999

Prices in USD.  Prices include UPS Ground shipping to the continental United States.  Add $25 for most Canadian addresses.  Call for international shipping quotes.

Stand Rental or Purchase

The stand shown is not included.  Stand Rental is $175 for domestic US locations ($250 to most Canadian locations).  We also offer stand purchase. 

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Our Mix-And-Match design customization is included in the Wipeable prices.  We'll also include headline text and full color logo placement anywhere in the mural.

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New Illustration

We can draw any items you'd like to add to your mural design.  You can send us photos of buildings, statues, local landmarks, people, uniforms, etc. We'll place these new characters in with our others to create the scene of your choosing.  In most cases, New Illustration adds $150 to the price of your mural.  Call with your ideas to get a quote. 

Learn more about New Illustration

Additional Info

  • Size of the Squares---and How Many Squares You Get

    We usually make squares in 5.5"x5.5" or 7"x7". With the 5.5" size, a 20x6 will have 572 squares and a 12x6 will have 338 squares. With the 7" size, a 20x6 will have 340 squares and a 12x6 will have 200 squares.

    We Recommend Crayons

    We recommend Crayons.  We offer 144 crayons (12 each of 12 colors) for $16.  Markers don't write well on this material.  We don't recommend paint, as you then have the issue or where to put all the squares as they're drying.

    Providing Your Own Design

    In theory, you can provide us with a "line art" design that we can make into a Mural In Squares.  We need a vector file, with color patches that we can select and change to white as we dot it.  Call us to discuss possibilities and options.

    How Big Can These Be?

    Usually, we're confined by the size of our rental stand (20x6). However, if you have another way to hang this, we can make one as big as you would like.


    The squares are made of paper, so the mural is not meant for outdoor display after the event.