Really, Really Big Murals

Sometimes, our clients want to make a statement and do something REALLY big. These are custom programs, so give us a call if you'd like to chat about what we could do for you. But here's how we approached several of the projects shown in the image gallery.

SPLATTER PAINT MICKEY MOUSE -- Disney puts on an arts festival called Festival of the Masters in Downtown Disney in Orlando. In 2000, they asked us to help with a publicity project. They brought in kids, dressed them in smocks and berets, had a couple of characters around helping, and everybody painted 24"x24" squares on easels. We manufactured a 34'x26' Assembly Tarp, where the 200 24"x24" squares would be snapped, while the tarp was still on the ground. As we completed the top sections, the tarp would be raised a bit, so it built and grew during the activity.

For the design… Yes, we actually created a paint-by-numbers of a splatter paint. Hardest thing we've ever done, given the complexity of the graphic, and the computing power of the computers available back in 2000.

PARKING LOT MURAL -- We created this 60'x48' mural for Thanksgiving Point in Utah for a 9/11 memorial event in 2002. The mural featured patriotic images as well as images of Utah landmarks. It was created in 25 or so 8'x4' sections, and each section was given to a local school or scout troop to paint. We provided the 25 paint sets based on what colors were needed for a given section. Each group them brought their section on the day of the event.

RED BARON / FLORIDA AQUARIUM MURAL -- We worked twice with the Sant' Yago Knight Parade in Tampa, FL, creating this 36'x18' mural. One year, we did an underwater scene, as the Florida Aquarium was a co-sponsor. We created the mural in 6'x4' sections, which were painted on tables. We put the finished sections on a huge Assembly Tarp, which was then hung off the side of the Aquarium. The next year Red Baron was the sole sponsor, so we did a design representing the theme of that year's parade. For that one, the 6'x4' sections where just attached together, and the full mural was hung from trussing that the event contracted through a local staging vendor.