Tessellation Puzzle and Exhibit

Are you with an Arts Festival?  Science Festival?  STEM/STEAM event?  Or perhaps just looking for a good STEM/STEAM event activity?  Check out our updated and improved Tessellation Exhibit, available for rent for your event.

"Tessellation" is the intersection of art and geometry.  It's a nifty little branch of art that’s creative in it’s geometry and artisitic in it's filling of those shapes with characters. It’s where a shape (or a few shapes) repeat AND interlock with themselves in every direction. (You’ve probably seen M.C. Escher’s interlocking Lizards.) Our exhibit explores tessellation--what it is, how it started, how to appreciate a good one, and how YOU can do it.

It's a perfect sponsorship match for a STEM/STEAM focused business looking for community engagement!

The Exhibit

  • Four 6'x4' Informational Panels---SIMPLIFIED for 2018 for younger participants
  • 200-300 huge plastic velcro puzzle pieces---of three different shapes
  • You can COLOR and WIPE OFF the puzzle pieces--now using Crayola MARKERS.  They wipe with just a quick wipe of a wet sponge
  • "Can You See It?" velcro panels---bring up your puzzle piece to see if you can envision how it tessellates with the other pieces
  • ADDED for 2018---We'll provide you with hundreds of small paper shapes for you to challenge your participants to imagine and draw out a character, animal, object, etc.  Scroll down for more info.

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Prices and Rental Terms

RENTAL of Two Stands, Four Informational Panels, Eight Velcro Panels, 200-300 Puzzle Pieces, Paper Shape Table Instructions, Crayola Markers, 500 or so Paper Shapes.

$850 Rental Fee, plus shipping

EVERYTHING except paper shapes must be returned.  Charge of $2.50 EACH for lost puzzle pieces.

We'll pick 40-50 of our favorite paper shape creations that we get by email or Instagram, and pair them up to create the tessellation compositions.  We can help facilitate poster prints and/or nice mounted canvas photo prints.

It ships in four or five cases. Freight averages to $250 each direction---call for a quote to your location.

OPTIONAL---We've created informational booklets, which are a great take-home addition. These are also great hook for sponsorship activation. See the Take-Home Books link in the box to the right.  Optional Take Home Books - $350 per 500 books

Additional Info