We're Partnering With Blue Star Coloring Books!

We're teaming up with Blue Star Coloring Books to offer some of their "Adult Coloring Book" style designs for our murals.  This is our first design, where we used one of their backgrounds, and drew our own kids riding animals.  Click into the gallery below for some of their designs we can use for your mural.  


We're still working out how this is going to work, so we'd like to hear from you about what you'd like.  In the design above, we recreated their background (from the horse design below), so we could stretch it out over our wider design.  But many of their designs are "upright" or "portrait" in their proportion (where our murals are more "sideways" or "landscape"), so your mural could have several of their pages, side-by-side.  Let us know what you think!