Mural Stand Rental or Purchase

If you're a mural client, we're glad to offer our Mural Stand for either rental or purchase.  Our stand is a great way to make a mural a free-standing activity, so you can place it anywhere on your event site.

It's made from the same light-weight, heavy-duty aluminum tubing and connectors of a high-quality speaker stand.  It breaks down easily into a padded carrying bag that's about the size of a golf bag (the black bag in the image gallery), so it'll fit in the back seat of a car.  It weighs about 45 pounds when packed, so one person can carry it.

Which Mural Products?
Our stand only works with our Single-Use Tarps and our Rollable Wipeable Plastic.

Outdoor Use
When adequately strapped to solid ground stakes, the mural/mural stand can accommodate a reasonable amount of wind during your event. Whenever it's used outdoors, it must be strapped to ground stakes as shown in the image gallery.  Heavy-duty straps and "curly cue" ground stakes are included in rental or purchase.  (Note---DO NOT just put sand bags on the feet!)

Use on Hard Top
The mural stand will work fine on hard top, but you still need to strap the mural.  Without ground stakes, you'll need to strap to four heavy tie points---like the concrete buckets or waterbarrels, similar to what's  used to secure 20x20 tents. If you do not have these handy, ask your tent vendor to bring another set of four concrete buckets---we definitely recommend four rather than two.

Indoor Use
This stand works well indoors---and by "indoors" we mean any place that's out of the wind. If you're out of the wind, you do not need to strap it to ground stakes.  It stands fine all by itself, even with people painting/coloring on it.


Stand Rental

We offer our stand rental as a convenience to our mural clients. The rental fee is modest, as it includes both inbound and return shipping. We only rent to clients who are buying, or have bought, a mural from us. We only rent to clients within the US and Canada.

Rental Fee

For continental US clients, we charge $200 to rent the stand for the duration of your event (one or two weeks). This includes both inbound and return UPS Ground shipping. If you need the stand longer rental, or for more events within a month or two, we can usually accommodate your request.  Call for a quote.

Stand Return Process

Within the US, we can just send UPS back to your office to pick up the stand. We check with you first to make sure it's ready.

Alaska and Hawaii
Since UPS does not offer Ground pricing to Alaska or Hawaii, please contact our office for a quote for rental.  


We do rent these stands to Canada. We charge $250 (USD), which includes both inbound and return shipping.  Note, for the return, we need your assistance in getting the stand bag to a UPS location, or to a UPS driver.  We'll send all the necessary customs and UPS paperwork for the return.


Stand Purchase

We offer stand purchase as a convenience to our mural clients.  We only sell to clients who are buying, or have bought, a mural from us.  We can ship a stand anywhere in the world.

Flexible Sizing

The stand is modular. Use three crossbars to make a 12' wide stand, four crossbars to make a 16' wide, and all five crossbars to make a 20'.  (Since it's modular, you could also make it 4' or 8' wide.)  The uprights are telescoping, so they can accommodate heights from approx 3.5' to 6.5'.

Stand Prices
Our standard stand sizes are 12' wide, 16' wide and 20' wide.  The stand will accommodate both 5' and 6' heights, but note that we usually "mark" the telescoping uprights to one or the other, based on what size mural you buy.

  • 12' wide   $625
  • 16' wide   $725
  • 20' wide   $750

Prices are in US$, and include a OPTIONAL carrying bag and mainland USA shipping. For Canadian addresses, add $50 (USD) for the additional shipping.  If you don't want the carrying bag, take $150 off the price.  But note that it's a very nice custom padded canvas bag.

(Note--We're selling these stands pretty much for the cost of parts, plus a small amount for labor to assemble them.  We're glad to offer a parts list and blueprint if you'd like to pursue your own stand, or comparison shop.)

Addresses outside the USA or Canada
We can ship a stand purchase to any country. Call or email for a freight quote. Remember that with any goods you import, there will be customs broker fees, duties and taxes that are not included in our prices.  We cannot rent a stand outside of the US and Canada.


Stand Refurbishment

If you own one of our stands and would like to get it ready to use, click HERE for our refurbishment instructions.