Single Use Tarps

Single-Use Tarps have been our flagship product for over a decade.  These are printed on a waterproof vinyl-paper hybrid and sewn into one piece with grommets.  They can be a free-standing activity with our rental Mural Stand, so you could put them anywhere on your event site.  They work well with kids paint or with markers, but they do not work well with crayons.

Perfect if you:

  • Want a Single-Use Mural and and need a free-standing option
  • Need your mural in one piece
  • Would like to move your mural for display after the event


Stock Designs

Pick one of our "Single-Use Stock Designs", and we'll include your text headline and your full color logos in the corners.

  • 12'x6' Tarp: $799
  • 20'x6' Tarp: $949

Combine & Rearrange

We can rearrange a design, remove or resize characters, and pull in things from other designs. We can also enlarge your logo and place it more "within" the scene.

  • 12'x6' Tarp: $949
  • 20'x6' Tarp: $1099

Prices in USD.  Prices include UPS Ground shipping to the continental United States.  Add $25 for most Canadian addresses.  Call for international shipping quotes.  Paint or markers are not included.  Prices do not include the rental or purchase of our Mural Stand.

Stand Rental or Purchase

The stand shown is not included.  Stand Rental is $200 for domestic US locations ($275 to most Canadian locations).  We also offer stand purchase. 

Click here for more info


There are several different areas in our design search.  There's "Single-Use Stock Designs" with just the designs available at the lower price, and "All Wall Designs" with all our designs---if you're upgrading the combine and rearrange price.  The Design Search page lets you choose which area to explore. 

Search Our Designs

New Illustration

We can draw any items you'd like to add to your mural design.  You can send us photos of buildings, statues, local landmarks, people, uniforms, etc. We'll place these new characters in with our others to create the scene of your choosing.  In most cases, New Illustration adds $150 to the price of your mural.  Call with your ideas to get a quote.   

Learn more about New Illustration

Use Paint or Markers

These work with just about any kids paint or markers, but they don't work well with crayons.  Click the link to the right for more info about usage and purchase.

Additional Info

  • Savability

    Tarps are suitable for indoor display for a few months after your event.  The kids  paint that's safe and comes out of clothing is not meant to last too long, and not meant for outdoor display.

    How Long Do They Take To Paint...?

    We tell people "a day to a day-and-a-half".  But this depends heavily on attendance, and the traffic in the area. We've heard of high-attendance events with the mural in a high traffic area get less than a day, and we've heard of some events with the mural in low traffic areas get a week.

    In multi-day, high traffic scenarios, consider cordoning off the area to limit participation somewhat, or consider duplicate prints or our new reusable murals.

    Stand Rental

    Price is for rental through your event, and includes 2-way shipping. Stand is of light-weight, heavy-duty aluminum tubing---like a high-quality speaker stand. It will stand on it's own, but when used outdoors, it MUST be tied down to ground stakes. You absolutely should not use just sandbags on the feet.  (If you're on hardtop and can't use ground stakes, we recommend asking your tent vendor to bring another set of heavy tie points---whatever they use for 20x20 tents.)  Click for more Mural Stand info.

    Paint Supplies and Markers

    We offer a "Full Paint Kit" for $120, which includes 13 bottles of Crayola Paint (16 oz), 96 little paint brushes, 500 little paper "ketchup cups"--which are an easy distribution method, 6 metal muffin pans (which are handy to organize the ketchup cups), a water spray bottle (to help keep the paint from drying out), plastic cups, some handi-wipes, and shipping.  (NOTE---we mix 5 of the paint colors ourselves, to get colors Crayola doesn't offer.  Those are in different looking  bottles.)

    Or we offer just the 13 bottles of paint for $55.  That's just the paint and shipping.

    We also offer Crayola Markers for $6 per dozen.

    Crayons do NOT work well.  Sharpies also do NOT work well.  Sharpies are so aggressive, they break down the coating of the tarp material, and essentially clog themselves up.  If you'd like to use Sharpies, we have a vinyl we can substitute.

    Shipping to US and Canada

    We ship all of our US orders by UPS Ground, and shipping is included in these prices. Tarps ship in 36" long x 8" diameter tubes.  We usually ship for orders to arrive 8 days before your event date---usually the Friday that's a week ahead of your event weekend.

    We also ship Tarps to Canada by UPS.  Add $25 for shipping to most Canadian locations.  Add $20 to each paint supply box.

    Duplicate Prints

    If you'd like a second or third copy of your Single-Use Tarp, we usually offer duplicates for $550 each, when ordering them all at the same time.