Rollable Wipeable Plastic

Our Rollable Wipeable Plastic offers wipeability, with the ease of being able to roll it up to move it to different event locations.  The Rollable has grommets like a regular banner, and it works with our Mural Stand to make it a freestanding activity.  (But note, the glue joints making it one piece won't last forever, so if you plan to use it at one even location, we suggest the Rigid Wipeable Plastic.)

Perfect if you:

  • Want a Wipeable Mural and need a free-standing option
  • Have several different events in different parts of town


Prices for our Wipeables include Combine-and-Rearrange design customization---where you can chose characters and items from several different designs that we'll put together to make your design.  Headline text and full-color logo placement is included.

  • 8'x4' Rollable: $995
  • 12'x5' Rollable: $1225
  • 16'x5' Rollable: $1349  (our most common size)
  • 20'x5' Rollable: $1475
  • 20'x6' Rollable: $1599

Prices in USD.  Prices include UPS Ground shipping to the continental United States.  Add $50 for most Canadian addresses.  Call for international shipping quotes.  Paint or markers are not included.

Stand Rental or Purchase

The stand shown is not included.  Stand Rental is $200 for domestic US locations ($275 to most Canadian locations).  Stand Purchase ranges from $599 to $725, depending on size and shipping destination. 

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Our Combine-and-Rearrange design customization is included in the Wipeable prices.  We'll also include headline text and full color logo placement anywhere in the mural.

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New Illustration

We can draw any items you'd like to add to your mural design.  You can send us photos of buildings, statues, local landmarks, people, uniforms, etc. We'll place these new characters in with our others to create the scene of your choosing.  In most cases, New Illustration adds $100-$150 to the price of your mural.  Call with your ideas to get a quote. 

Learn more about New Illustration

Wipeability with Paint or Markers

These work with either Crayola Brand Washable Markers, or Crayola Brand Washable Paint.  Both wipe off with water and sponge, or a hose with a trigger sprayer (but don't use a pressure washer!)  We recommend wiping the mural at the end of every day for the longest product life.  Click the link to the right more info about usage and purchase.


Additional Info

  • Paint and Marker Info & Purchase

    Paint or Markers are not included in the mural prices.  Our Wipeable Murals work with either Crayola Brand Washable Markers, or Crayola Brand Washable Paint, and wipe off with water and sponge, or a hose with a trigger sprayer (but don't use a pressure washer!)  We recommend wiping the mural at the end of every day for the longest use.  NOTE---Crayons and Dry Erase Markers DO NOT wipe off.

    Most of our Wipeable Clients buy their own paint or markers, as they'll need to restock at some point.  But we do stock them if you'd like to get started with a set from us.  Markers are $6 per dozen---and we usually recommend 6 to 12 dozen depending on your situation.  We have sets of 13 16oz bottles of paint for $55---includes continental US shipping.  Or we have "Full Paint Kits" for $120---includes continental US shipping, 13 colors of paint, 96 paint brushes, 6 metal muffin pans, 500 little ketchup cups, plastic cups, a water spray bottle to keep the paints from drying, and some handi-wipes.

    If you order your own markers, we like the sets of 12, rather than sets of 8, as the sets of 12 have a tan and a grey.

    What Size Do You Suggest?

    A 16x5 is plenty big for most events, since you'll be wiping down often anyway. Consider the larger sizes only if you'd really like the look of having a larger mural.  Look at the 12x5 for smaller community events. Consider the 8x4 low throughput situations like FEC's, day care or preschool.

    How Long Do They Take To Paint?

    For most events, we usually tell people "a day to a day-and-a-half", depending your attendance, and how much traffic is in the area. For larger events, it might be less than a day. For camps or recreation centers, they will take much longer and can be spread over several sessions.

    Care and Storage

    The Rollables are printed in sections, then the pieces are put together with overlap adhesive joints. To maximize the lifespan of those joints, store the mural in a somewhat climate controlled area--avoid non-climate-controlled  storage sheds.  We do NOT recommend storing the mural between events rolled up tightly in it's shipping tube.  We recommend you let it roll "fat"---about 24" or more in diameter.  You can keep the tube, and use it for transport, but it's not good for the material or the joints to keep it rolled that tight for most of the year.

    UPS Shipping for Rollable

    On the Rollable Murals, UPS Ground Shipping is included to mainland US addresses. They roll up and fit into an 10" diameter tube (either 5' or 6' long).  Add $50 for most Canadian addresses.