Most military bases and ships do several special events through the year---events for families on your base, events for the local community, deployment or return events, Month of the Military Child events, air shows, tiger cruises, etc.  Our murals might make sense for any one of them, or perhaps with one of our Wipeable Murals, you could have a mural at all of them.

Product Recommendations

Rigid Wipeable Plastic
Consider our Rigid Wipeable if you'd like to mount the mural in one spot in a family/recreation center, for general use, or for day care activities.

Rollable Wipeable Plastic
Consider the Rollable Wipeable if you'd like to pull the mural out for special events several times a year (it's way easier to move around than the Rigid Plastic).  We have a mural stand that we rent or sell to make it a free-standing activity.

Single Use Paper
The Single Use Paper is our most economical Wall Size Mural.  (Note that the Single Use Paper needs a wall to put it on---see Single Use Tarp if you need something free-standing.) The Single Use Paper makes sense for a big community festival.  Or you could use to color through a whole summer in a rec center, perhaps sectioning it off and  completing one section per week.  Or perhaps you could color a mural throughout the Month of the Military Child.

Single Use Tarp
The Single Use Tarp is best when you need the mural to be a free-standing activity, or when you need the mural in one piece with grommets to move it easily after the event.  These make sense for your bigger community festivals.

Table-Size Coloring Sheets
Our Table-Size Coloring Sheets are smaller, more economical, and easier to manage.  They just don't have the visual impact of the bigger Wall-Size Murals.  They work well at just about any of your events or programs.  The sheets are about the size of 8' rental tables, and work well with crayons.  Keep a bunch in the closet to pull out whenever you need them.  They take quite a lot of participation to finish, and note that you can also flip them over to have 15 square feet of free coloring space.

Thoughts on How to Use Them

For Community Special Events

Do you put on big special events, either for base families, or for the local community? Consider adding a mural. It's big and colorful, can accommodate hundreds of participants through the day, and brings a nice warm-and-fuzzy feeling to your event site.

For Deployment Events and Return Events

Consider our mural for deployment or return event. Besides our regular style designs, also take a look at our Signature-Message style murals, which gives attendees a place to write a note or sentiment. The final mural can be displayed locally, or can be shipped to deployments overseas.

For Tiger Cruises

When you have families and kids on your ship, a mural could be a fun activity. We could create a design featuring all the activity, equipment, guns and planes on your ship. It could be a fun keepsake reminder of the day.


We have many designs specifically featuring the military. But remember we can tailor the mural design to the theme and message you'd like to convey to your base families and the wider community. Remember that if we don't already have characters or elements to represent your theme, we can draw them for you. We've drawn specific uniforms for all the service branches, helicopters for Marine base clients, specific boats and helicopters for Coast Guard base clients, an aircraft carrier scene for Navy clients, and specific tanks, ships, planes and uniforms for Canadian Legion events.

Family Centers or Day Care Facilities

One of our big Wall-Size murals can be a great long-term activity for a family center. You could use one of our big Single-Use Murals over the entire summer--perhaps designating sections of the mural for each week of camp to complete. Or consider a smaller Wipeable mural that you could wipe off and restart every few days.

We also have our Table Size Coloring Sheets, our most popular product for camps. These are smaller---about the size of 8' Rental Tables, relatively inexpensive, and easy to just throw out on a table at a moments notice.

Month of the Military Child

A mural is a perfect addition to your Month of the Military Child activities and events. We have several designs ready to go, or we could draw some things specific to the responsibilities of your base. With our Wipeable mural, you could wipe off and reuse the mural all month, and use it for several more years.