Are You In Canada?

Some of our favorite clients are in Canada!  We work directly with several dozen Canadian clients every year.  We've worked with many of the largest Canadian events, worked with several of the largest Canadian businesses, and been members of FEO (Festivals and Events Ontario) for a decade.  Please call if you'd like to hear who we've worked with near you.


We have many distinctly Canadian designs---In our Design Search, in the category/tag search, there's a "Canada" category showing any design that includes specific Canadian themes or imagery.  And we always add any new distinctive elements you'd like to your design.

Stand Rental

We glad offer our stand rental within Canada as well.  However, since it's crossing the border twice, the shipping ends up about USD 75 more than our usual domestic round trip shipping, so our rental fee for Canada is USD 250 (as opposed to USD 175 for domestic US rental).

Payments & Currency

Most of our Canadian clients have the ability to pay with checks in US funds, which is ideal for us.  But if this is not an option for you, we're glad to take a check in Canadian funds.  However, call us for the conversion amount, as the conversion rate for a deposited check is different than the "cash" conversion rate you find just doing a Google search.  (We can also take a credit card, but it's our policy with all our clients to pass along the 4% fee on invoices larger than USD 300.)

Customs Brokerage, Duties and GST/HST

Every shipment from the US to Canada is considered an import/export, so customs is involved.  Most of our products ship UPS Ground.  UPS offers very reasonable customs brokerage fees---usually well less than half the amount charged by a stand-alone customs brokerage firm.

Shipping Prices

Shipping to Canada is easy from our office in Utah, but it is slightly more than the US mainland shipping that's included in many of our prices.  Call us to get an exact amount, but here are some estimates of additional amounts we need to ship to most areas of Canada.  Table Size Sheets and Single Use Paper need an extra USD 17. Single-Use tarps need an extra USD 20.  Paint Kits an extra USD 20.  Rollable Wipeable Plastic an extra USD 40.  Stand purchase needs an extra USD 40.  Stand rental an extra USD 75, which includes shipping both directions.  (Note--Quebec, and provinces east of Quebec, will be more than these amounts.)

Shipping Rigid Plastic

Shipping our Rigid Wipeable Plastic is a little more involved.  It  ships on a slightly oversize pallet, so it needs to go by freight carrier.  Ground freight from the US to Canada is usually 40% or so more than our domestic US ground freight.  Call us for an estimate.  Also, with freight, you'll have to secure your own customs broker, and pay the full customs broker fees.  (As opposed to UPS, which has lower broker fees, since they bring in hundreds of shipments in each border crossing.)

Sample Designs