If you’re a Zoo or Aquarium

First off, know that we draw animals for our Zoo and Aquarium murals in a very realistic style.  We understand that in most cases, you'd rather show accurate representations, not cartoony humanized caricatures that we use in some of our other designs.

Here are several instances where a mural might make sense for you. Keep in mind that if you get a Wipeable mural, you could move the mural between several of these events.

Product Recommendations

Rigid Wipeable Plastic
Consider the Rigid Plastic if you have a wall to mount it on.  In a party room, you could mount it semi-permanently, or for special events you could mount it temporarily just for the event event run.  The Rigid Plastic comes in 4' wide sections, which you'd screw mount onto your wall.

Rollable Wipeable Plastic
Consider the Rollable Plastic if you'd like a mural that's more maneuverable, and you'd like to use our stand to make it a free-standing activity.  The Rollable comes to you as one piece, with grommets (the 4' wide print sections are essentially glued together), so it behaves more like a tarp.  (Note that with the Rollable, you're trading off life span for ease of use.  The Rigid will last you longer, if you can make the logistics work.)

Table Size Coloring Sheets
Consider the Table Sheets for just about any of your special events and camp activities.  These are 7.5' x 2', paper, so they roll up easily for storage and roll out easily for quick set-up.

Thoughts on How to Use Them

Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties, Volunteer Parties or Day Camps

Put a Wipeable Mural in a party area, and you have a nice wall decoration, as well as a very flexible activity--you could color on the mural as much or as little as you like, depending on the party schedule, weather, etc. These could work for birthday parties, as well as a children's activity for any corporate parties, volunteer parties, or other special events.

Also consider our Table Size Coloring Sheets, which are a smaller and more economical activity. These are 7.5'x2' heavy-duty paper, for use with crayons. They roll up small, so they're easy to just pull out whenever you have a need. They take quite a long time to complete, so in most cases, you'll get way more than one days use from them.

Halloween Promotions ("Boo At The Zoo" type events)

If you add activities during your Boo At The Zoo type promotions at your zoo, a mural is a nice addition. It's a cute, warm-and-fuzzy activity that will attract all ages. With our Wipeable mural material, you could wipe it down at the end of every day, so you could use it every day of this year's promotion, as well as every day of next year's, and possibly a third year. We have a stand for either rental or purchase, if you'd like to make this a freestanding activity (but note that the stand should be moved indoors out of the wind overnight.)

Could You Get a Mural Sponsored?

Keep in mind that our murals are very sponsorable. We can include full color zoo and sponsor logos in the design.

If you have a radio station tie-in, this might be something to work with them on. We've seen radio stations take on the sponsorship sales, since stations talk to their clients regularly about various advertising opportunities, and they might welcome this additional NTR avenue. Let them cover the mural cost, and they could sell a sponsorship, or several sponsorships, to cover the mural cost and more.

Building a New Exhibit?

If you have construction going on, consider a mural as a festival way to cover up some of the construction walls. Send us architectural renderings, and we could create a design with the new structures and the animals. You could use our Rigid Wipeable Plastic, and leave it up for several months.

OR... If you have a big celebration weekend when you open your new exhibit, a mural would be a nice addition. We can draw your new animals directly from photos you send us. We can also add landmarks from your facility, like your entryway, an on-site train, recognizable buildings, or other animals.

Earth Day, Migratory Bird Day, Shark Week, etc.

Remember us when you're celebrating various animal-centered events. Our murals are a natural for Earth Day, and we have some nice bird designs and shark designs. For any other events you celebrate, we have hundreds of other animals in our library that we could put together. If these are smaller, less-publicized events, consider our Table Size Coloring Sheets.