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Wipeable Rigid Mural in a Pediatric Dentist's Office

Coloring sounds like a way to relax before stepping into the dentist's chair, doesn't it?  This client asked us to represent several things in their area---livestock, rodeo, military, native american culture, and their tooth mascot.

Putting Actual People Into A Design

The San Jose Oban festival asked us to depict their annual festival of dancing, taiko drumming and food.  We drew several styles of dress, several styles of dance, taiko drumming, their Buddhist  temple building, and food area.  They also asked that we depict nine specific people in the design, celebrating their most beloved staff, voluteers and participants.

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Advertise YOUR Event With A Mural At Another Event!

We had a Fair who bought one of our "Wipeable" murals to use at not only their event, but another large local event the month before.  The mural showed a Fair scene, with a headline trumpeting their event dates, so it acted as advertising for their event!

There's an Eclipse!

Gage County (Nebraska) Tourism asked us to create a Table Sheet design celebrating the fact that they're on the path of the total eclipse coming this summer.  Besides characters in the protective glasses, they asked us to draw in several local landmarks and businesses.

Depicting a downtown plaza

The Decatur Downtown Development Authority asked us to create a mural for their Summer In The City event that really captured the feel of their downtown plaza, as well as the diversity of their attendees.  We drew their gazebo stage, their decorative pillars, and several of their local merchant storefronts.  We drew the characters in the adirondack chairs.  We have stock characters of many different ethnicities, but we drew several more to make sure their population was well represented.

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Celebrating the recipients of a charity golf tournament

The Principal Charity Classic -- a charity golf day, the day before a PGA tour event in Wisconsin -- asked us to create a mural that looked like it was on their actual course, with PGA golfers and the kids with the special bikes that the event raises money for.

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Guantanamo Bay Landmarks Mural

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay wanted two murals for their base-wide family events.  They asked us to feature the new generation of navy ships, people in the correct uniforms, and some of the iconic images from the base.

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"Now and Then" on the Erie Canalway

Fort Stanwix National Park in NY asked us to create a "then and now" mural about the Erie Canalway, which was created 240 years ago.  We made a mural in two panels---an old and new---with the canal running through both to give continuity.  The "old" panel shows the original lock structure, as well as the original canal boats that were originally used to haul freight, and the horses and mules that were used to pull them.  The "new" panels shows how the old mule path is used for biking, walking and recreation, and the canal is used for all sorts of water recreation.  We also showed one of the many bridges that cross the canal, as well as a popular gazebo, and also Fort Stanwix.

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Calgary Zoo's campaign to Choose Canada's Greatest Animal

To celebrate Canada's 150th, the Calgary Zoo ran a campaign to choose Canada's favorite animal---the idea being that the Beaver was chosen as Canada's official animal almost immediately after Canada was formed, and perhaps these other animals didn't get a fair chance.  For a big wipeable mural for their 150th celebration events, we created a nature scene featuring their six challengers---the gray wolf, bison, whooping crane, mountain goat, great gray owl, and grizzly bear---along with the incumbent, the beaver.  The zoo then asked us to create seven individual 11x17 take-home coloring sheets, each featuring one of the seven animals (see gallery below).

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New Illustration for Mackinac Island

Our design for Mackinac Island Tourism was our favorite New Illustration of the 2016.  They asked us to draw all the landmarks in this photo gallery, as well as the Mackinac lifestyle of sailboats, bikes and horse drawn carriages.

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30' Tall Mural from a Cherry Picker

The Des Moines Arts Festival asked us to help create a program specifically tailored to one of their sponsors, a local utility.  The utility had new "cherry picker" trucks, and wanted to show them off.  Their idea was to have a mural that could be mounted to the basket, and raised over the day as it was colored.  We took several graphics that they Festival already had, and  composed them into a 4 ft wide by 30 ft tall design, and worked with the Festival and the Utility to make sure we made the top end fit their vision for how they planned to mount it.  The let the mural drap over a tabletop for coloring, raising it as it slowly through the day.