For Clients Outside the US or Canada

Depending on which product you'd like, we can freight to your local airport, or for smaller shipments, we can ship by DHL or UPS, or possibly through the Postal service.

Keep in mind that duties and taxes will apply.  There will also need to be a customs broker.  For freight shipments, you'll need to hire a customs brokerage company to act as broker for you.  For UPS or DHL, they will usually act as the customs broker and charge you accordingly.

Please call or email to discuss options.

For Overseas US Military Bases

We've shipped several different ways to overseas military bases---based on the preference of our contact at the base.  We've freighted to the local airport.  We've shipped to APO/FPO addresses through the Postal Service.  And in a few instances, we've shipped to a state-side address that forwarded our package along with others. 

Please call or email to discuss options.