Can Your Mascot Be In The Design?

We can absolutely add one of YOUR characters to our designs---provided you have a good graphic file.

The same logo file specs apply, but more so. We really need a vector file, or a very high resolution file for this to work. For example, the Calgary Stampede horse character (left) was a pixel file, and at full scale was printed 5 feet tall.

We can certainly leave your character in full color as well, or we can "pull out the color", like Clifford or Ronald, only if we have a vector file.


Note: Ronald McDonald, Clifford The Big Red Dog, Sponge Bob Square Pants, and Michigan J. Frogge are the property of their respective copyright and trademark owners. They were used with permission at their respective events. We do not use these characters on any other murals, so they are not available to other buyers.